Saturday, 19 May 2018

Spot-free Skin in Two Weeks with Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum

As I age, dark spots and pigmentation have become my greatest enemy that they surface on my skin rapidly and uncontrollably. I hate dark spots so much as they make me to look haggard, tired and dull. I believe that many other women have long relied on a battalion of skin-care products to combat dark spots and acne scar, just like what I did (and still doing!). The battle with dark spots is a long journey, even longer than the Journey to the West (get it?). It's never easy to get rid of dark spots and all women understand that skin care products do take a long period to have their whitening effects to manifest. With this belief, women have been using whitening skin care religiously for decades, including myself. Putting advanced aesthetic medical technology aside, is there any way that we can have spot-free skin in a short time, say 2 weeks? 

Nanowhite Range

Just imagine, 95% of women (aged 22-35 years old) witnessed reduction in dark spots and acne scars after two weeks of application of a magical serum, with greatest improvements observed around the cheeks, chin and forehead areas - Can you believe it? As unbelievable as it seems to be, this is a factual data obtained by Nanowhite based on their recent test on 50 Malaysian women. My mind was blown away by the statistics, it seems like there is a shortcut to achieve flawless and fairer skin tone now!

Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum
RM 69.90

Proudly present the latest pride of Nanowhite: Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum. Infused with 3 powerful brighteners, Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum with new LumiLite targets to help lighten dark spots, reduce acne scars and even out skin tones. It also features the combination of Nano-technology, Omega White-C and Natural Extracts to form a whitening concentrate that penetrates deeper into the skin for better absorption of active ingredients, resulting in luminous and longer-lasting fairness.

To be frank, I'm a loyal fan of Nanowhite and I have been using their products since I was a teenager. The very first Nanowhite product that I came across is Nanowhite Clarifying Cleansing Milk and I absolutely love it, I still love it now after trying out countless make up removers in the market. To me, Nanowhite is a trustworthy brand that delivers reliable results. Therefore, I'm really excited to know that spot-free skin is no longer a dream with Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask Review

If you are a follower of my Instagram account, you will know that I'm an avid mask lover. I'm so enthusiastic with mask that I actually do mask twice a week the least. Recently, I have tried O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask from b.liv and I tell myself that I must share this interesting mask with you guys on my blog - it's fun, hassle free and super easy to use! 

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask
RM 99 / 50g

Like what b.liv says, healthy skin starts from healthy pores, it's really important to cleanse the pores deeply so that your skin can shine brightly. A diamond is just a stone before polishing, so is your skin! Consisting 3 key ingredients of Oxygen Bubbles, Rice Powder and Red Soft Beads, b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask is aimed to achieve a brighter complexion by 3 actions: purifying, brightening and exfoliating

The mask looks like any other face cream, I won't know that it's a bubble mask if nobody tells me! It's not so visible from the photo (I apologize for the over-exposure, sorry!) but there are some red beads suspended in the mask. I'm not so comfortable to have my bubble mask being packaged in a jar because the mask starts to bubble up if I leave the opened jar unattended for too long. My tip is, close the jar immediately after scooping out the desired amount of mask. This minimizes contamination and reduces the formation of bubbles inside the jar. On the other hand, do not ever to use your fingers to scoop the mask out of the jar as that could cause it to bubble up, always use the spatula provided.

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask
RM 99 / 50g

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Blogging Tips from Sunshine Kelly X Guardian Knockdown Prices Every Week

Photo Credit: Bee Abdullah

I have received so many DMs from my followers after posting this photo on my Instagram, everyone is curious about the event that I attended on last Saturday. As happening as JB seems to be (some people told me that JB "looks" very happening, but I believe it's just a misunderstanding from the large scale cafe hopping by all the Johoreans), JB is not as eventful as compared to KL. One of the reasons is due to the immature blogosphere in JB, where there is still plenty room of improvement for Johor bloggers to grow. Therefore, Guardian Malaysia decided to take the initiative to have a Blogging Tips Sharing Session with the fellow JB bloggers, they even invited Sunshine Kelly all the way from KL to help us improve!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Illuminious Anti-Aging & Lifting Mist Review

Hey guys! Today I'm back with another skin care review from a young and new brand: Illuminious. Formulated in Korea, Illuminious skin care series targets on whitening and anti-aging problems, which are the major concerns of most of the ladies. 

Illuminious Anti-Aging & Lifting Mist integrates 3 antioxidants that provide lifting and firming result. The mist also increases skin moisture, tightens skin pores and provides a more vibrant complexion, leaving skin youthful and bright. 

Friday, 6 April 2018

Pamper Your Body with Human Nature - Body Scrub Rose Bouquet | Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub | Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE | Body Butter | Massage Oil

As mentioned before, one of my 2018 resolution is to show more care to my body. I have been exploring natural, organic and botanical body care products these few months, and I had so much fun trying out different body care products in the market! My latest brand obsession is Human Nature, a brand which gives me new insight on defining “natural products”.

Though there are many "natural" products available in the market today, there are surprisingly no regulations on the use of the term "natural". This makes it very difficult for ordinary people, like me to distinguish genuinely natural products from chemically-laden ones with just a few natural extracts thrown in. 

Human Nature on the other, has several promises to customers where

  • All of their natural ingredients are safe, pure and biodegradable, originate from renewable sources and are processed in a way that's kind to the environment. 
  • They abide by standards set by the US Natural Products Association - every single product is at least 95% natural, and most are 100% natural. 
  • All products go through safety assessments by industry experts and thorough clinical studies evaluated by independent third party labs. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Althea Skincare Line: Bare Essentials Review - Contour Cleanser, Primer Water & Fixer Cream

What comes to your mind when you hear the name of "Althea Korea"? For me, I will immediately relate to e-commerce website that offers a wide range of K-beauty products at the cheapest price in town, affordable beauty box and their in-house translucent and mattifying Althea Petal Velvet Powder. Althea Petal Velvet Powder is such a high performer (and super affordable!) that I really hope that Althea will launch more in house K-beauty products, may it be skincare or make up. When I was shopping on Althea Korea earlier in March, I was surprised to find that Althea has come out with their very first skincare product line - Bare Essentials.

Althea Skincare Line: Bare Essentials

Girls, can you imagine my excitement? My wish has finally come true! More K-beauty products from Althea oh yeah! Packaged in simple yet classy frosted glass containers, the Bare Essentials range consists of 3 hypoallergenic products suitable for any skin types - Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream. First thing first, I'm so in love with their packaging, minimalist design as usual and at the same time, looking elegant and sophisticated.

Althea Skincare Line: Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials range is specially designed to address a common problem faced by most of us, where we are often confused and fazed by the complicated 10-steps Korean skincare routine. I believe most of you has heard about the famous 10-steps Korean skincare routine, but are you really sure with each of the steps and procedures? On the other hand, not all of us has the luxury time to follow the time-consuming 10-steps skincare regime in the morning. Therefore, Althea team decided to roll the 10-steps skincare routine into 3 essentials and easy steps, which are cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Shopping Spree with YOINS

Sometime I wish that I can wear uniform to work so that I do not have to think about what to wear to office the next day. I don't like to see myself wearing the same old boring clothes to work so I buy new work wear very frequently. When I was shopping for ladies blouses online yesterday, I bumped into an interesting online shop named YOINS

YOINS offers a wide range of women's wears and accessories including work wear, casual wear, lingerie, shoes and bags, they even have fashion party dresses
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